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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Subject: Box Mailed
Sha, Today I mailed you a box with a pedi-egg, 4 magazines, 6 news papers, 3 letters, 1 bottle of body wash, and 1 bottle of hand soap, please let me know when and or if you get it, we have not gotten a message from you since 04/02/2008, I trust that you are still alive and well. A short note once a week would be enough to keep your mother off my back OK. In the mean time take care of your self and write soon, if not I swear that I will buy your mother a ticket to KOREA and send her on over, it’s your call. Love Ya. Dad
Subject: cherry blossom, 63
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 05:49:06 +0000
dear mom and dad,

i got a box last week, THANK YOU SO MUCH! tho my friends delighted in telling me that i must have ugly crusty feet for my own parents to send me a pediegg unsolicited. i have tons of spelnda left, so i gave the ziplock bag you sent me to a coworker, who went NUTS over it, so thank you for helping me spread some splenda joy!

the weather has been mostly nice. the scarf and hat and gloves are officially put away for the winter.

the cherry blossom festival just ended here last week. i tried to go w/some of the homegirls, but 5 different people told us to not bother b/c all the trees were dead and that it would be ridiculously crowded, especially since there would be only two trees. so we said forget it and went to the 63 building. for the better, i guess, b/c it seems that the cherry blossom festival isnt really a "festival."

i thought there'd be activities and such, but i think it's just people walking around and looking at the trees. they are very very pretty in bloom, but you can see them just having a walk around your neighborhood. i dont know, maybe my timing was off and i missed all the good stuff. meh, i'll try again next year.

the 63 building didnt turn out to be as impressive as i thought it would be. when going, i was under the impression that it was the tallest building in seoul, but we were told it's not anymore. but man, talk about small!

just like when i went to see the eiffel tower all those years ago, it was really not all i thought it would be. still, it was nice to say that i was there. The view from the top was aiight, but it was very cloudy the day we went, so like the cherry blossom, we just had bad timing.

as we started to leave, we saw this guy start to set up a table and some instruments, and we got excited thinking we were going to see some traditional korean music, or some sort of show! chairs were set up we got our spots, the guy started playing some sort of pipe. it looked like a panflute. he talked and sang, and we decided to leave b/c although the music was nice, it was nothing spectacular. as we were leaving, he began his rendition of playing and singing La Bamba. mom, you would've loved it.:)

AND I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET AT HOME NOW!!! so dad, please dont put mom on a plane to korea, i promise i'll write home more often.


update: there's totally stuff to do and see and the cherry blossom festival, my homegirl neesa went. i just missed out like a lame-o. meh. maybe next year.