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Monday, August 18, 2008


Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 05:02:06 +0000
dear mom and dad,

i realized that ive been writing lots of little 1-2 sentence emails and havent written a proper one in a while, so im writing now. my friend is eternally grateful for the glycerine and says thanks a million times over. she used to work for mac and has a huge collection of make up, which is what the glycerine was for. through some networking, we met another sista here in korea, Natarsha, a photographer, who did a little photo shoot. i didnt get to make it to watch, but i heard it was all very glamourous and partly in thanks to you and the glycerine :) i also saw my friend ed and gave him the watch you sent as thanks for my computer work, he was really surprised and touched, thank you for that too!

we're in the last week of another term here at work, so next week i'll again have new classes and new students. ive had small classes this term, one class is only 4 students, another is only 2. it's much better, actually, i feel like im helping them more than the 13-15 student classes. i hope i get small classes again next term, we'll see. i have one little boy jason, maybe he's around 8 yrs old and sooo cute. his korean accent is heavy, like he says "Five" like "pie-buh" and he's so small and skinny and is always smelling his middle finger, which is weird but still cute.

what else... i got a new cell phone. there are these new offices opening around seoul called "global village," they offer various services for foreigners. all this time, ive been using phone cards b/c i dont speak enough korean to get a cell phone plan, but this place helped me out. i had to buy a new phone
to go with the plan, so i asked for one similar to mine b/c it has a subway map: i can look up subway stations, how to get from A to B and how long it takes to get there. The saleswoman was super friendly, gave me a phone with a subway map, and sent me on my way. an hour later, while trying to use the map, i came to find that tho the rest of the phone had english settings, the actual subway map was in korean! i called her, and all she told me was "sorry." ah well... more motivation for me to get my bum to korean class!

my new favorite food is bibimbop, btw. i still havent learned any korean, but i AM learning how to pronounce/what are some korean foods. :)

loveyoumissyoutakecare, ~daughter