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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Subject: RE:
Date Tues, 27 May 2008 06:53:55
dear mom and dad,

thanks for the last care package! the charger bag you'd sent a while back, i put that up on the wall by my door, so people know the daughter of a charger fan lives here, representing that hometown pride. this is what i would reply when i would wear the charger scarf you sent me for winter, coworkers would say, "WHAT? Chargers???!!!" and i would say, "my dad says you got to have hometown pride." nuff said. oh, please send me multivitamins, and fiber pills i could buy them here, but i know how you guys like to do things for me.

i dont need any more socks, thanks for the pairs you sent with the shoes. i gave the last pair of socks to my friend neesa who is super cool and six feet tall, so those impossibly big long socks you sent me last time were a good match for her, my friend thanks you.

my friend keena just left korea, im sad! but i guess that's the nature of the life for foreigners here in korea, people are here for a little while, and then they leave. we had 4 people leave my job last week, and now with the new term came 7 new teachers. actually, i think now that there are only two other teachers that have been there longer than i have.

before she left, keena went with me to see evil dead, the musical, since no one wanted to go with me. actually a couple people came out last minute, admitting they were evil dead fans too, so a group of 5 of us went. it was quite fun! when i went online to buy tickets online, it was all in korean, so i had a coworker help me. now when i was on the website, the speakers blared songs from the play, and all was in english! tho i knew the play would be in korea, i thought "Ok, maybe the songs are in english" and NOPE the songs were in korean too! ah well, i still had fun and understood the bulk of what was going on, even if i didnt understand what they were actually saying/singing. the actors came out into the audience and splattered blood on everybody, it was so much fun. i didnt get the "blood splatter seats" b/c they cost extra, and it was pulling teeth to get friends to go with me in the first place. Dreamgrils is coming to korea next year, i saw a poster... currently auditioning, but all korean. hmm... not sure how that's going to work out. unsure if i'll go see that one.

And wow, small world, last week while on the subway w/some of the seoul family, this cute korean boy came up and started talking to us (it seems when im with friends, people are more bold to say hello. like seeing 5 black people at once is more exciting and summons more need in koreans to say hello than if im alone?) anyway, this guy told us he was auditioning for the part of Jimmy Early in dream girls. we wished him the best of luck.

we started a new term this week, so i have all new classes. i walk around the halls, and former students run up yelling, "Sister Sha! Hello!!" it's super cute. im glad for a new batch of kids, tho, this last term felt so long. i had that ONE class, that one where i just couldnt get them under control, and everyday was just full of endless punishments that seemed to have no effect at all. i feared i was losing my touch. well, new kids now, let's see if i can get it back.
the weather is warm/humid everyday. i welcome the summer, fo real.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Subject: Keeping Up Your End
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 10:43:21 -0700

, There are no excuses; you have a computer at home so your mom should be getting a letter/note this week end, no mater how short, she is starting to work herself up about you, she thinks there is something wrong, she thinks you are sad, and that is the reason you have not written, all I can say is that if you can play dominoes, then you can write. I only expect to hear from you when and if you get a package from me, no problem because if you do not let me know that you got the package(s), I will stop sending, end of discussion. As all ways mom, hector, and my self want you to take care of your self .Love Ya! Dad


Subject: RE: Keeping Up Your End
Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 14:59:19

ah mom and dad, little do you know that i DO have an excuse! i got PLENTY of them!!! :)

actually my computer monitor isnt working properly, all these squiggly pink lines come up every where, it's the strangest thing! my poor eyes strain from trying to read the screen! i will work on buying a new monitor. in the meanwhile, you know i dont like to use the computer at work for personal things. so now im back at the internet cafe, but you know how i hate the smoking in here, so i had to wait for a certain day/time when it's less smokers and more children, hence my waiting until the weekend to write you. so really, instead of these annoyed, chastising emails, you should be thanking me for being such a good daughter struggling to find the time to write.

so anyway... the lotus lantern festival was here a couple weeks ago, me and some sistas went but running so late that we didnt get there until after 8pm, so we missed just about everything. we caught about 10 min of one parade. i dont know what it is, im just never in a hurry, tho i was a little annoyed w/myself for missing the lantern making workshop. it was pretty cool, lots of floats built of paper (guess it was paper?) lit from the inside. lots of people marching dressed in traditional korean clothes, lots of pretty lotus lanterns, traditional drumming and dancing, it was lovely!

i visited the
bongeunsa temple not too long before the festival, it was lovely also, tons of extra lights because of the coming festival. i didnt get to go inside the temple, tho, b/c it was so late at night, and the guard shoo'ed me away. *sigh* one of these days, im going to get my stuff together.

i got the box with the magazines, deodorant, soap, robe, cloth, cd, etc, and thank you so much! but for the record, i have so much soap and deodorant right now, im set for the next millennium. could i ask that you send me slim fast? a couple canisters? anything chocolate flavor? b/c... well, you know.

i like the "new african" magazine. i was lost reading most of it since my political knowledge is embarrassingly little, but im glad for the magazine and hope to learn much from it. thanks for thinking of me!

so in summation, besides saying thank you, i love you, i miss you, etc:

i dont need anymore:

  • body wash
  • soap of any kind
  • deodorant
  • splenda
  • dental floss

Monday, May 5, 2008


Subject: shoes, baseball game
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 15:36:49
dear mom and dad,

so as i briefly mentioned before, i got both pair of sneakers!

a few weeks ago, as i was leaving for work, the elder man that sits at the front desk waved wildly at me, yelling something in korean. he always pretends to be mad at me when he has to tell me something.

turned out a box came, with my shoes!!!! i went right back up to my apt and changed, oh it was like walking on cotton balls!!!!! thank you so much! then lo and behold, a week later, the OTHER box came!!! these shoes are magic, i swear, i can be on my feet all day and be straight. a good thing, actually, b/c i got a critique about sitting too much while teaching, so it's a good thing i got these sneakers, to keep my lazy butt up and out of the chair.

i went to a baseball game w/the sistas a couple weeks ago, i didnt take pictures of course but my friend did, you can look at them here:

the game was so much fun! er actually, being in the audience was fun, b/c i didnt watch the game at all. there was a guy... what would you call him? he stands in front of the crowd and leads us in chants and cheers, we banged the hell out of our red balloons to distract the opposing team at bat, we did cool arm movements, it was great!

ALSO great is this damn pediegg you sent me. omg, what did me and my feet ever do without it???? i just used it for the first time yesterday and WOW, i never knew my cute feet could be any cuter, which they surely are now that i have the perfect pumicing tool :) My friends are jealous.

~Appreciative Daughter