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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


date:Thu, Jan 21, 2010
subject:snow snow snow
dear mom and dad,

i think the snow is about over, hallelujah. i will simply never understand this maddness of living in a place such as this. i also cannot understand why i am still here during wintertime. i will be back in san diego come next winter, even if i have to swim across the ocean to do so.

this has been the worst winter ever, i ahve never ever seen so much snow in my entire life. My korean friends say the same, my older korean friends say it used to snow like this when they were small children, and now THEIR children are super excited for all the snow to play in. One korean friend said they saw on the news that this is korea's worst snow in the last 103 years... there is a tendency to exaggerate in this culture, but one thing is true: there was a shit-ton of snow this year. other than the occasional knitting meeting, you can put money on it that i have been mostly indoors. btw, i knit the blue hat im wearing int he photos :)

xmas was really great, a friend had a potluck, i brought plates and flatware of course b/c i didnt cook anything. it was so much fun, another friend brought a video game "rock band," as you can see in the attached pictures, im really good at it and have a natural talent on the guitar and drums.

some friends of mine went snowboarding for x-mas break, which i of course thought was insane. one girlfriend of mine, Kayla, had this conversation with one of her students before the break:

Korean Kid:"What are you doing for x-mas?"
kayla: "I'm going snowboarding"
Korean Kid: "Your people skin is don't like cold, is it right?"
kayla: *side eye*

kayla said she couldnt really be mad at him b/c for one, he's just a little boy, and for two, it's not like he's 100% wrong about it.

love you miss you

Sunday, January 10, 2010


.date:Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 11:00 AM
dear mom and dad,

this winter marks the worst i have ever experienced in life. it's like when i go outside, it snows sideways and the flakes attack my face. i dont know how to walk in all this, i stepped onto what i thought was the sidewalk but it turned out to just be a huge pile of snow and i was calf deep in it, i was in a panic couldnt think of anything to do but curse over and over again, "wh... the fuck?! the fuck is this?! wh-da-fuck is dis shit?!!!"

tho friends agree it's snowing more this winter than it had last year, they of course think i am overreating. But i am not. this weather is strange and not natural and if i dont get my act together to save up enough money to come back to san diego NEXT winter, i will eat my own foot.