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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Subject: RE: Waiting Is My Middle Name
Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 08:43:51 +0000
dear mom and dad,

cherry blossom time has come and gone, i think! i didnt go to any official festivities this time, but i did walk around the pond in my neighborhood to look at the trees, they were of course lovely and makes me hate winter all the more.

i dont remember who my godmother is, i think you guys showed me pictures, she's white and has blond hair? if you ever find her contact info, let me know. wow, what happened before internet and social connect websites? people had to hope they kept the same phone number forever i guess? ah well. i had a great time in japan anyway. My friends from india are still there, staying with another friend of mine, aaron. I dont know if you remember aaron, he stayed at the house the night before his flight to go teach in japan: he's black, has an afro, kind of tall-ish (well, that describes all of my male friends i guess). that was maybe 4 or 5 years ago? he's still there, still teaching, and he really loves it. He's been taking care of my friends from india, but i told him to not do it too well, b/c i want my friends to come back to korea to teach english, and not be seduced by the alleged "cool-er-ness" of japan^^

im still going to knitting group one or two times a week, ive actually finished something for the first time, it's a red scarf and it's awesome. i hate winter, but i will be happy to wear this when the time comes.

Last week, my friend bryan had a day off, so we went to the coex aquarium. i dont know why it's a big deal, it's another one of those "things you ahve to see" when you come to seoul. i wonder what koreans think of it, maybe they're looking at the fish and thinking "Dinner." Every restaurant has some sort of tank outside with tons of sea life in it, so being in the aquarium was like walking about in my neighborhood, a little. Except for the seals and penguins, which are not common food fare at seafood restauarants here. And we saw fruit bats. i know they're bats and all, but fruit bats are really cute, you would want to have them for a pet. Even tho Bryan pointed out i screamed when one of the bats made a sudden movement and flew around behind the glass and scared me, they're still cute.


renay said...

The bat looks scary

Anonymous said...

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